Sunday, February 10, 2008

2/10/2008 Protest - Epic Win on a Small Scale

Small town, small org. I think even just 5 people showing up would have been an epic win.

At any given time we had about 10 people, with about 20 people total (some left, others joined later).

There was a security truck waiting for us when we got there. The org itself was closed (it's a small place), but a couple of scientologists were popping in and out of the building. They took pictures of us, and we took pictures ourselves, and some small video.

A lot of people were supportive and honked when they drove by. We didn't get much pedestrian traffic because the org is located at the edge of downtown where people rarely walk. We got a lot of bicyclists ringing bells and yelling "honk, honk!" though.

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