Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 12th is nearly here, and with that Operation Reconnect. Here's an update.
  • Schedule. Meet in front of WWU's Viking Union at 10:30 am and walk down to the local Scientology Office at 722 N. State Street, arriving at 11:00 am. Please respect private property laws by not trespassing in their parking lot. We will be across the street at all times. We will probably stay until 2:00 pm. People may stay longer, but please don't stay alone.
  • Signs. Make them Large, to the Point. Funny signs are good too, but be sure your humor can be understood by an average person. Signs can also be directed at people inside the Scientology office. These should aim to break the conditioning upon them. Such as "Your family cares about you".
  • Masks. They're legal, and they protect your identity. You can Google "Fair Game Law" and get the gist of what this is all about. Or dig through the video evidence that exists out on the internet that shows Scientology critics being followed around, especially after anti-Scientology demonstrations. Wear masks to protect them from knowing who you are. It is unlikely that they will follow us home here in Bellingham, but you never know.
  • Code of Conduct. Make sure you read the code of conduct, it will keep you and everyone safe. Most of all, use your own common sense. Also remember we should be having fun doing this too.
  • Music and Snacks. An anon has volunteered to bring a boom box. So if you have some music you want to listen to bring a CD. Bring some snacks and water so you don't get hungry.

Finally, here's some awesome news reports.

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